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_ though to himself, but loudly, "And that's a fact."   He
got the collar and tie adjusted at last, and swung around, say-
ing, "Ain't it, Sukie, huh?"
" Yes," she said

He tugged the coat, its seams apparently ready to burst with
the bulk it contained, and picked up his hat. " We better get
on now," he announced. "Ill come get you, Sukie, when it's
time to eat." And to Mr. Munn, " Come on, Perse/'

Mr. Munn turned to the girl, telling her: " My wife keeps a
few things here. You might find a comb and brush in the top
drawer/' Then he laid the key to the room on the bureau,
said good-bye quite formally, and followed Mr. Christian
down the hall. In the lobby, at the foot of the stairs, he told
Mr. Christian that he hoped it would all turn out all right
and he would see him later. But Mr. Christian laid his heavy,
compelling hand on his shoulder, and brought his red face,
from which stared the flat, china-blue eyes, closer to Mr.
Munn's face, and said, " No, boy, you come with me."
" I better not"

"You come on with me, now," and Mr. Christian's hand
bore down on his shoulder. " I want you to go with me."

u I better not," Mr. Munn answered. At the moment the
words passed Ms lips, he knew that he would go, regretting the
fact that he nad ever come to town, and almost hating this
man, who was a good friend. And all the while he felt, as
dmgh be were a culprit, the bearing-down weight of the
fastad *Tm not in on it, Mr. Bill, I don't belong at the
meeting with you all."

" Hell, it's not official or anything," Mr. Christian said.  He

bid the other man by the arm now, leading him across the

Mribjr wMle lie spoke in a strident, rasping undertone. " We're

Jt $mm talk over things a little, Mr. Peacham and Jim

Sis mad some of us. And I want you in on it; you're a smart

mm, Ptee, and I want you to hear what they say, and I want

to wr pu say what you think about things/'

**JW fa atruding," Mr. Munn remonstrated.  But he was

IB the street, moving, with Mr. Christian's hand